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Synergy Spanish Review: Learn Spanish The Fun Way… Right Away!

Learning to speak a new language can be quite challenging and fun at the same time.

Apart from the fact that you develop your brain in the process of getting better, you are also exercising a part of your brain research has shown to have numerous other benefits.

There are several reasons why you might have decided to learn a new language, either due to the nature of your place of work, for educational purposes, because you want to take a vacation to another city, or for some other reasons that somehow require you learn a new language.

No matter the reason you want to learn another language, you should understand that it is a very safe and healthy practice, there are no dangers or side effects associated with it, and it will, in fact, help enhance the function of your brain.

Among all the romantic languages you can learn as an English speaking adult, Spanish still remains one of the most enticing options because it is very interesting and also a life-changing process.

Learning other romantic languages like Latin or French gets simpler when you understand how to speak Spanish Much as the reason for learning a foreign language is different, so also vary the methods of learning for each person. Some people are gifted when it comes to learning a foreign language.

They learn better and faster than others; though sometimes these people make use of some techniques subconsciously or consciously.

Nevertheless, everyone can learn a new language as long as the right methods are used.

This Synergy Spanish review explains to you extensively what the Synergy Spanish Program is all about and objectively show you why you should get the Synergy Spanish course.

What Is Synergy Spanish?

Synergy Spanish is one of the easiest ways to learn how to speak Spanish, especially if you are looking to start speaking in a very short period of time.

Synergy Spanish has been used by over 5000,000 people worldwide to either learn how to speak Spanish from scratch or increase the vocabulary they are able to say in the Spanish language.

Synergy Spanish is a Spanish learning system, which uses a unique method of teaching Spanish to individuals.

You learn quicker and even in a more effective way through the Spanish synergy program—the founder made use of a special approach to Spanish learning.

According to the author, almost in all languages, just about 100 words is enough to make 50% communication effectively in that language.

This fact is not just astonishing, but it is actually the truth! The ability to memorize those keywords can help you understand the most important vocabulary.

Based on your enthusiasm for the language and also your location, other vocabularies will surely come to you in due time.

Spanish as a language has its own structure that is somehow different from the English language, but the Synergy Spanish system employs a method to make learning Spanish easier, especially if you can speak English fluently.

The Founder of the Synergy Spanish System is Marcus Santamaria, and more surprising is the fact that he is not an original Spanish speaker.

Interesting fact, isn’t it?

Who Is Marcus Santamaria

Marcus Santamaria and his wife, Elena, relocated to Mexico to be close to their family after their engagement.

But Marcus didn’t know a word in Spanish, and he wanted to rapidly master the language so he could communicate with his Spanish kin.

He was appointed as an English tutor to teach English as a second language. Marcus Santamaria said that he felt like a fraud for teaching English.

He still didn’t know how to speak their language, and here he was teaching English.   He wanted to look for a foolproof method of learning and teaching Spanish.

Marcus reported and said, “Believe me, I struggled with Spanish, and it was not easy for me! “Marcus soon realized the traditional method of studying Spanish wasn’t effective for him.

What he really wanted was a new and easier method to learn Spanish. And this was led to his discovery of a very effective and simpler way for anyone to learn how to speak Spanish.

Marcus Method is such a unique method of learning a new language, and age isn’t an obstacle to learning Spanish and communicating in it.

One of Marcus’s oldest students was 96 years! A slight shift in your approach to Spanish would increase your vocabulary by a greater fold. With your ability to speak the language, you’ll easily impress your Spanish buddies and native speakers.

If you’d like to communicate in Spanish effectively, don’t worry about installing the Synergy Spanish app (embed link to download the Synergy Spanish app if needed) or getting the course and figure out what thousands of other people have learned using the Synergy Spanish system.

The Synergy Spanish System

Synergy Spanish system relies mostly on how the language is typically spoken on a regular basis, instead of utilizing approaches that are commonly found in academics.

Even the program offers some audio lessons demonstrating real-life interactions between people in normal situations. You can always listen to the audio and practice the words.

This program includes 138 main words. If you take your time to master these 138 words, you can start to speak Spanish effectively within 25 days; your commitment and dedication are essential to learning the language are important.

You might be shocked to see that 138 words are all you need to start your journey to learn Spanish, but believe me, these words are presented in a way that makes learning Spanish and the experiences a whole lot more interesting and fascinating.

Marcus uses a fast track system and a pattern-based step-by-step action plan. You bring these 138 words together, in a specific pattern, and you soon start to gain an amazing level in learning and communicating Spanish.

The method follows a technique called the 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle. This law says that about 80 percent of the outcomes are delivered by 20 percent of the efforts.

The Synergy Spanish method makes use of this same exact rule to deliver the fastest and the best approach to learning Spanish.

The words are represented in such a manner that the whole experience of learning Spanish is made simpler.

If you’re an amateur, intermediate, or experienced learner, you’ll find the program configuration interesting and filled with valuable information.

Synergy Spanish Course Features

The Synergy Spanish program includes 68 audio lessons that are organized, plus a guidebook to assist you all along. Each of the lessons takes about 15 minutes.

Students study the synergy vocabulary and verbs that can be used to create almost 88,000 Spanish sentences and phrases. With the aid of the audio files and workbooks, recalling and memorization are easier.

These audios and books can be accessed by downloading them once you are enrolled.

You can then play the audio files on your device or smart devices after you have downloaded the Synergy Spanish App. However, be mindful that Mexican Spanish and the Spanish dialects found in Spain and South America are the used accent of the program.

You’ll learn how to string together short phrases to form the core questions required to ask for directions, prices, greetings, and where the bathroom is. Interactive tutorials or interactive demos are not available; the program focuses on a method that is better tailored to learning the language in a very short time.

Many of the grammar and needless fillers and fluff were omitted from the program.

This means that it is the best fit for those who wish to easily and quickly learn Spanish, and are not able to go through the grammar lessons that are prevalent in Spanish schools.

Synergy Spanish Course Modules

Synergy Spanish is comprised of 5 separate parts, and each section is structured to teach you useful aspects of learning Spanish. A brief overview of what each segment has to offer is provided below:

Module 1

You will be taught how to introduce yourself in this segment, and also speak about yourself. This segment is specifically aimed at improving your confidence when speaking Spanish to other native speakers or people.

Module 2

You’ll be shown how to slowly develop your conversational skills. This segment will also show you how to use certain Spanish language sentence builders and conversational starters to help you interact fluently and immediately in Spanish.

Module 3

This segment includes additional Spanish speaking skills that people often make use of. Once you’ve mastered this segment, you can easily start conversations in meetings or groups, and you’ll feel free to have a discussion in Spanish with other people.

Module 4

In this section, you’re trying to focus more on your abilities to talk to a group of people; this could include interacting with your students, in-laws, friends at your workplace, and other individuals.

Module 5

You’ll round up your abilities to narrate or explain the incident in Spanish in this section.

This involves speaking about important stuff and people in your life, such as your kids, your family, your parent or relatives, and everyone you want to get involved in a free-flowing sentence.

Successfully finishing these Modules implies you have learned Spanish, and you can now speak with confidence to whoever you wish to speak to.

Learning in this context means that you can communicate effectively well with people, and at the same time, understand whatever they say no matter how complex their sentence is.

Synergy Spanish Price

The synergy course has three different options for people to choose from when they want to enroll to learn Spanish. The three packages come with different items and accessibility.

  1. Synergy Light
  2. Synergy Video
  3. Synergy Video plus CDs

Here’s a short description to help you choose:

Synergy Light

This is the cheapest of the synergy Spanish course, and it is made up of 69 online audio lessons (which you can weekly download), a fast start action guide (that guide you ion the whole process, more like a guide book) and a downloadable Synergy Spanish App for both iOS and Android users. The Price Tag for the Synergy Light Package is $67.

Synergy Video

The second Synergy Spanish course also consists of the same 69 online audio lessons, the fast start action guide, and an additional 69 online video lessons to make the understanding of the Synergy Spanish system easier to understand.

This package also comes and a downloadable Synergy Spanish App for both iOS and Android users. A great advantage with Synergy Spanish is you get email coaching from Marcus for 90 days.

You can send him an email if you ever get lost, or have some questions. He also gives a 100 percent money-back guarantee of 60 days, if you ever conclude the Synergy Spanish isn’t for you. But I doubt you are going to take the offer to actually ask for your money back. The Price Tag for the Synergy Video Package is $97.

Synergy Video Plus CDs

The third Synergy Spanish course also consists of the same 69 online audio lessons, the fast start action guide, 69 online video lessons, and 12 CDs with all 69 audio lessons and a printed version of the fast start action guide to making the understanding of the Synergy Spanish system easier to understand.

This package also comes and a downloadable Synergy Spanish App for both iOS and Android users. You get email coaching from Marcus for 90 days.

You can send him an email if you ever get lost, or have some questions. He also gives a 100 percent money-back guarantee of 60 days, if you ever conclude the Synergy Spanish isn’t for you. The Price Tag for the Synergy Video CD plus Package is $125 with the shipping cost for the Cds and guide book covered.

Synergy Spanish Pros

Very good for amateur learners

The Synergy Spanish method is less daunting for older learners and complete beginners. The course initially teaches you in baby steps.

Then it continues to get more advanced, before getting to complicated aspects. As such, this is the best course for newbies to study Spanish. Within a few months, you will learn Spanish with Synergy and feel confident in your abilities when you begin traveling.

Real-time Spanish only and no grammar used

They use few to zero grammar terminology in the course and no abstract definitions. You will never encounter grammar terms in the Synergy Spanish course.

These grammar terms are avoided intentionally by all measures. You will only master vocabulary and phrases that you will be able to see yourself using every day, which makes it the perfect route for anyone who wants a short Spanish learning guide.

Very clear explanation

All the explanation of the system and approach in the audio files are done in the English language by Marcus Santamaria.

This makes it easier to understand the method and what is actually going on. He also gives enough time to provide answers to questions within the course. After this, a native Spanish speaker gives you the correct answer as well as pronunciation so you can perfectly understand how to speak.

It has actually worked for a lot of people

In reality, certain Spanish courses do not actually work or give an effective result. You invest a lot of money and time of about 30 minutes, or an hour, per day the learning the curriculum for a few months.

After such a program, if you are not able to effectively speak Spanish, then you know that such a course is not effective. The mode of approach is actually different from other methods and hence the need for this Synergy Spanish review. 

By the end of the program, with good commitment and following the steps of Marcus, you will definitely know how to speak Spanish.

Synergy Spanish Cons

  1. Probably, one of the major con that synergy Spanish has is the fact that it is a digital-based program with no physical interaction or virtual image interaction. This means that getting a “hard” lesson is impossible. You also need internet access, which is a form of an extra cost to get access to the immense amount of videos and audio files of Synergy Spanish.
  2. The other reason why many people may not opt for synergy Spanish is the fact that it offers a shallow way to learn Spanish as it is not in-depth enough to allow some type of deep conversations in Spanish.
  3. The Synergy Spanish Focus on the Mexican Spanish dialect and doesn’t offer teaching for any other dialect. This is another reason why some very few may not want to opt for the synergy Spanish course.

Should I Get The Synergy Spanish?

Spanish is actually one of the top on-demand languages on the planet. The program would comprehensively teach you Spanish, and nothing is left out.

Using Synergy Spanish for mastering something as exciting as Spanish would be the best move and strategy for achieving your goals. The program systematically helps you to understand Spanish.

You don’t get confused by so much information or grammar. This is also more than language skills. The exciting thing is the fact that you get to learn the Spanish culture of some major Spanish speaking countries.

It doesn’t just focus on the language speaking skill itself but also shows an emphasis on the importance of the culture of the language itself.

This is a method that has been proven to work, and with just 138 words, you can start to communicate effectively in the Spanish language; why not get the course now, and be on your fast track journey to speaking Spanish.

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